The Executive

White Paper Package

When a Big Sale Is at Stake …

You have a high-dollar product or service that you want to get into the hands of executive-level buyers or high-level decision makers.

This audience doesn’t have time to sift through your website or sit through lengthy sales pitches.

They want solutions.

They want facts.

They want answers.

You have the perfect solution for them. But how do you present it in a way that these potential buyers will understand, and that will persuade them to seriously consider your product or service?

You give them a white paper.

A white paper educates your target client, communicates that you understand their challenge, and positions your company as the solution.

An effective white paper — one that actually engages your target customer — is anything but dry and boring. It can be entertaining, informative or educational. Above all, though, a white paper is not pushy. It doesn’t overtly sell to your target customer — which makes it ideal to help buyers better understand the benefits of your solution, because they’re not being distracted by a pitch.

I’m Jessica Mehring, Horizon Peak Consulting CEO and senior copywriter. Together with my small, elite team of writers, editors and researchers, I’ll take you through our proven 3-step process to write a white paper that gets the attention of your target audience.

Jess is the most persuasive technical copy writer on the planet. Within the first 30 days, we could directly attribute $27,000 in new revenue to leads that came from the content she helped us write. She has a deep knowledge of the IT industry and can take our jargon, technical speak and rough diamond ideas and polish the whole lot up into something that our audience actually enjoys reading. She’s changed the content marketing game for our SaaS business — and best of all, she made it easy and fun.
Millie Blackwell

President and Co-Founder, Showcase Workshop

Though I expected Jessica to be a high-caliber consultant and writer, I was happy to discover she and her team have a solid beginning-to-end process as well. But after first working with her on a white paper project, what made the biggest impression on me were three things: 1) the enthusiasm with which she approached the rather complex subject, 2) her transparency and communication, and 3) the research she and her team did to make the white paper as in-depth and authoritative as possible. Our (large and very particular) client was thrilled with the results!
Mike Robertson

Vice President, Sales, Ravenshoe Group

Step 1: The Roadmap

When you’re ready to book your project, you’ll fill out a questionnaire with everything we need to ramp up.

At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll make your payment and schedule your roadmapping kick-off call. On this call, we’ll discuss your project, nail down the topic, and schedule your project milestones. You’ll receive an email recap of the topic and timeline after the call.

Next, we get to work on your outline.

The first deliverable includes:

  • A high-level outline of the white paper (this may change as we get writing, but it gives you a good idea of where we’re heading)
  • 3-5 ideas for a title
  • An initial list of research sources

To complete this step, you’ll approve the outline (or suggest changes) and then we’ll move on to …

Step 2: The Writing

Once you’ve approved the roadmap, we’ll get to writing. You’ll get:

  • An high-quality, professionally edited first draft between 2,000-4,000 words* (~5-10 pages), delivered in Word doc format
  • An executive summary you can use to promote your white paper
  • Suggestions for layout and design
  • A complete list of sources

*If you would like a white paper longer than 4,000 words, an extension fee will apply.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Once you have the first draft in hand, you have 3 business days to review it.

Sometimes we knock it out of the park the first time (this happens more often than not!). But sometimes you might have a few tweaks in mind. We get it! And we’re determined to make you one very satisfied customer. So we’re happy to do up to 2 rounds of edits with you within a week of receiving your feedback.

Once you’re happy with the copy, we’ll call it a wrap. We’ll check in with you in 6 months to see how the white paper performed.

Payment terms:

To book this project and secure your delivery date, we require a down payment of $3,750.

Payment plans are available upon request, however they are subject to a 5% fee, and transfer of copyright will not occur until the project is paid in full.

Turnaround Time:

Approximately 5-7 weeks from the kick-off call. (If interviewing subject-matter experts is part of your project, turnaround time may be impacted by interviewees’ availability.)



Interview add-on: $450 per interview


Tight deadline? Email Jessica Mehring at to check availability.

After clicking the “Book your project” button, you’ll be taken to a questionnaire to give us all the information we need to ramp up. Set aside at least 15 minutes to complete this so you’ll have time to provide thoughtful and detailed answers.

At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll complete your down payment and then immediately be directed to a scheduling page to book your kick-off call.

You’ll also receive an email with a copy of your answers and a link to the scheduling page so you can choose to book your call at a later date.

Full payment is due two weeks from the kick-off call.