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Content Writer


As a Content Writer, you are responsible for writing content for Horizon Peak Consulting (HPC) client projects, and occasionally internal HPC projects as well.

HPC provides strategic content marketing consulting and writing for enterprise technology vendors and consultants. This content includes white papers, articles, email sequences, and more.

We provide our clients with master-level content marketing strategy and writing service, consistently and reliably deliver impeccable assets, and act as partners in growing the business.

HPC is never a line-item expense — we lead, partner, and serve our clients as valued colleagues.

What differentiates us from other content providers is we:

  1. Focus on helping our clients build long-term relationships with their customers through targeted content
  2. Pay close attention to how the content will drive our client’s business goals — and write toward those goals
  3. Have a proven methodology that gets real, measurable results for our clients

Sometimes on their own and sometimes with the team, the Content Writer builds a compelling narrative and writes an impeccable content asset for HPC clients and for internal HPC projects. They learn and use HPC’s established processes and methodologies to ensure a consistent result and a consistent client experience.

Impeccable content (which is HPC standard) requires thorough and verifiable research to back up the claims it makes. HPC content is not only engaging and informative, but actionable: That means that assets often include real-world data, expert interviews, and/or specific examples so the audience can relate to it more easily. For larger projects, we often bring in multiple team members to assist with research and interviews — but sometimes this responsibility falls to the writer. HPC Content Writers are always prepared to do the research necessary to make their content as authoritative as possible.

Impeccable content also requires impeccable writing. HPC content is not only authoritative, it is thoroughly edited. Our goal is to deliver publishable first drafts. We follow established style guides to ensure consistency across assets, and we take the time to understand the client’s brand, voice, product and positioning to ensure the content works seamlessly within the client’s marketing strategy. For some projects, we often bring in an editor for a second set of eyes — but more often than not, the responsibility of copyediting falls to the writer. HPC Content Writers always deliver thoroughly reviewed and edited content. Attention to detail ensures the confidence and satisfaction of our clients and our team.

Many of our clients offer deeply technical solutions, so HPC Content Writers must have the willingness to take the time to understand complex products/services. They must also have the confidence to talk to technical subject-matter experts to gain a better understanding of the topic or technology when necessary.

The content we write is designed to serve our clients’ customers, first and foremost, and to establish and grow the long-term relationship between the company and the customers. While some of our clients may be technical, their customers are often not — and they need content that touches on the non-technical problems they’re trying to solve. (For example, you might write an article about diversity for an app development company.) So flexibility around subject matter is key.

Professional writing experience is required. The most successful HPC Content Writers have had experience as technical writers, journalists and/or copyeditors.

Competencies required:

  • Writing and editing skills, including the ability to follow an established style guide (e.g. AP style or Chicago style) and a knack for crafting a compelling narrative. Writing samples will be requested.
  • At least a basic understanding of marketing and copywriting best practices.
  • The ability to quickly locate legitimate sources of information and original studies to support the content project; also the discernment to know what information is relevant to the project and how to weave it into the narrative.
  • Willingness to learn HPC’s preferred tools, including Notion, Airtable, Zoom, Dropbox and Slack.

In addition, all HPC team members are expected to display the following in accordance with our core values:

  • Outstanding communication — communicate early and often.
  • Treat deadlines as non-negotiable, and deliver early whenever possible.

Bonus points if …

  • You have a background in technical writing, journalism or editing.
  • You have taken courses in copywriting, marketing, and/or behavioral science.
  • You have experience working with technology companies and/or large/enterprise business.


Currently this is a contractor role, and we hire on a project basis.

To be considered for the HPC Content Writer role, please email the following to Jessica Mehring at

  1. Your contact info, including website URL if you have one.
  2. A brief cover letter (in the body of the email is fine) sharing your background and experience, and how you heard about this role.
  3. A link to a portfolio of writing samples, or links to a few live samples.
  4. A link to a video introduction (Loom is great for this). Tell me what copy/content you love to write, what industry you have loved to write for, and what topics get you really excited.