The HPC PlotPoint Process

Connect with the people who matter

Welcome to a partnership that redefines your marketing, turning every asset into a conversation.

With the PlotPoint process from Horizon Peak, your B2B tech startup will humanize marketing and sales narratives with a dedicated content team — from concept to campaign.

PlotPoint merges conversion copywriting with storytelling, so your content resonates from the very first encounter and makes a lasting impact. Our dedicated team becomes your go-to strategists and writers, developing content that both connects and converts.

PlotPoint Process

Listen 1

Deep Listening

Tune into the voices of your customers to discern their reality, the language they use to describe their problems, and what’s keeping them up at night. Stop guessing and start knowing what your customers need to hear and experience to continue their journey with your brand.

Understand 2

Strategic consultation

Principal consultant and leading tech content expert Jessica Mehring helps you identify your gaps and opportunities, so you can turn customer insights into a strategic plan that delivers both short-term wins and long-term results.

Plan 3

Content Guide

Map out your mediums, cadence, topics and stories to connect with the people who matter most: your customers.

Write 4

Editorial Content and Campaign Copy

Execute on your strategy with copywriting that converts the 5% who are ready to buy now, and builds relationship with the 95% who aren’t ready to buy yet.

Publish 5

Operations Support

Keep your focus where it needs to be: on your strategic priorities. We’ll help you get your content up on your website or into your email marketing software.

Why does storytelling even matter for technology companies?

We humans have been connecting with each other through stories since we lived in caves. Narrative is a form of reasoning — it helps us remember, understand and process reality.

In marketing and sales copy, strategic storytelling:

  • Helps your customers envision a better life when they finally use your solution solve their problem.
  • Creates empathy between the humans you’re trying to reach and the humans at your company.
  • Makes your brand infinitely more memorable, so prospective customers remember you for the long haul.

All while taking your customers on a journey from where they are today to where they need to be to solve their problem.

storytelling for tech
Jessica Mehring

But not all stories are the same …

Horizon Peak Consulting CEO Jessica Mehring has spent her decades-long career helping technology companies tell their stories to connect with the people who matter. With a growing list of published novels under her belt and a master’s degree in communication, she has taken her decades of experience and created a proprietary methodology beloved by brands like these:

Your PlotPoint partners

Your PlotPoint partners will help you determine what journey your customers need to experience through your content and copy, and which of four story types you should use (and where) along that journey to help them achieve their transformation.

Jessica Mehring


Jen Watson

Project Manager

Beth Hayden


Our editorial content and campaign copy spectrum

Nurture email sequences
White papers
Sales outreach emails
Landing pages
Articles and blogs
Playbooks and guides
Email newsletters
Blast emails

Your customers have been on their own hero’s journey to find a solution to their problem. With PlotPoint, you’ll expertly guide them to complete their journey with your solution.