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Creative Brief

Horizon Peak Consulting Creative Brief - Free Resource

This creative brief is the one we use with our clients to make sure we get all the insight we need to knock the copy out of the park. Our clients have found it to be such a powerful tool, they’ve begun using this same brief internally to extract information from stakeholders and deliver direction to creative teams (including HPC).

2022 Prospectus

Horizon Peak Consulting 2022 Prospectus

A great working relationship with Horizon Peak Consulting begins with a conversation — but sometimes you just need some information to take back to the team. Learn more about our history, philosophy, processes and offerings in our 2022 Services Guide.

Event Marketing
Tip Sheet

Event marketing tip sheet

Rise above the competition with more effective event marketing emails. In this tip sheet, you’ll find Horizon Peak’s best practices for writing emails that attract and engage event attendees.

Demand Gen Emails
Tip Sheet

Event marketing tip sheet

Increase your lead scores, build relationship with your audience, and launch your campaigns quickly and confidently with these demand-gen email tips.

Aware to Connected: A Model for Thinking Through Content Topics

Aware to connected

Throwing content spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks is never a good marketing strategy. Use this infographic as a thinking tool with your team to plan your topics around where your audience is in the awareness spectrum, so you can deliver content that meets them right where they are.

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Horizon Peak Consulting 2022 Prospectus

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