Summit Strategy

Customer-focused content marketing strategy for enterprise technology vendors and consultants.

Connect Like a Human

Connect with your customers in a personal, meaningful, memorable way with a content marketing strategy that revolves around them.

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Your Customers Are at the Center of Your Business —

Let’s Put Them at the Center of Your Content Marketing Strategy

If your company puts the customer relationship first, your content marketing strategy should too.

With Horizon Peak’s strategic consulting and planning package, we do a deep-dive diagnostic to get crystal clear on:

  • Your ideal customer, how they think, what’s important to them, and what they really want from you — so we can meet them exactly where they are
  • Where you stand against your competitors
  • The current state of your marketing content, and any gaps and opportunities that may exist

    This is the foundation we make our recommendations from and build your content marketing strategy upon — fully aligned with your best customers, your existing resources, and your company goals.

    What You Can Expect

    With the Summit Strategy Package

    02 research outline


    • Uncover your goals
    • Determine who is your ideal client
    • Learn what’s working and not working
    • Establish what resources (people, tools, etc.) you have to work with
    09 editing outline


    • Competitor analysis
    • Content audit
    • Customer research
      • Interviews with up to 10 of your best customers
      • Message mining
    05 discovery outline


    • Database of categorized, tagged, and cross-referenced customer insight
    • Audience vocabulary
    • Priority messages and themes
    • Competitive standing
    08 impeccable outline

    Findings and Recommendations

    • Detailed findings and recommendations report
    • Zoom call to present our findings and get go-forward approval
    • List of “swipe-able copy” — unique phrases your target customers are using that we could possibly use verbatim in your marketing and communications.
    03 roadmap outline


    • Strategic plan with guidance for implementing recommendations
    • Editorial calendar
    • Quotes for writing, if desired

    Integrity is our most closely held value here at Horizon Peak.

    We want to make sure you feel confident and at-ease every step of the way. To that end, we build a customized digital library for our project together and provide weekly updates. You’ll always know what we’re working on and what the next steps are — and we won’t blow up your inbox.

    Summit Strategy takes a minimum of three months to complete, and will provide your company with a strategic, customer-focused foundation you can rely on for years.

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