Making SEO Content Stand Out With Storytelling on the Voices of Search Podcast

by | Speaking Engagements & Podcasts

In my first conversation with Jorgan Koene for the Voices of Search podcast, we talk about two subjects that rarely go together (but, in my opinion, should always go together): storytelling and SEO.

Algorithms get smarter by the day. SEO content can’t just be about keywords anymore — you have to think about the people you’re trying to reach.

The Importance of a Human Touch in Content

Marketing is about connecting with an audience. When we forget that the audience is made up of human beings, even the smartest keyword strategy will fail to make a top-line impact. Especially in a world where mass-produced (now often AI-generated) content floods every digital space, creating content that feels personal and genuine is the only way to engage.

And that’s why storytelling wins, even in SEO.

In this episode, Jordan and I talk about:

  • How integrating storytelling helps turn SEO-generated traffic into business results.
  • My method of narrative planning, which prioritizes understanding the audience’s needs before even starting to write.
  • Shifting from keywords to narratives.

Here’s the link to listen to the episode!