A Creative Brief Template to Help Your Copywriter Knock It Out of the Park

by | Tools for Leaders

“Do you have a template that could be used to extract the messages and objectives out of our product marketing team in order to write content? I feel like we struggle getting/giving you the right information sometimes. Looking for something as simple as possible that helps get to the core of what point we want to make.”

I got that email from a client a couple years back, and I had to laugh a little bit. I had a creative brief template that I used with clients and internally with my writers — it made sure we got all the insight we need to knock the copy out of the park. But it had never crossed my mind that it might also be useful for my clients to use with their internal teams.

It was a big “duh” moment for me.

A successful marketing campaign is a group effort. But with so many teams and departments involved sometimes, it can be challenging to extract the right information from the right people to drive the campaign forward effectively.

I solved that problem for my client with a creative brief she could take and use internally.

Then I had my designer create a version I could share with you as a free download on our Resources page.

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