The intersection most startups miss: Copywriting and sales-led growth

by | Sales enablement

Your sales team is the beating heart that brings in the business for your startup. But are your salespeople as prepared as they could be when they connect with prospects and customers? Do they have everything they need to connect and be of value?

The energy and skills of your salespeople matter, of course — but if you don’t provide them with content and copy that breathes life into your products or services, you’re missing an important opportunity.

You already know you’ve created a great product, but the way your sales team communicates its value can make or break the sale. High-quality content and copy serve as the crucial link between your solution and the customer’s needs — and the right words empower your sales team to win over customers with conviction and clarity.

In this post, you’ll learn how to harness the power of persuasive, high-value content and copy to ensure your sales team is not just ready, but unstoppable.

Let’s get started.

How great copywriting can help you overcome startup challenges

Sales teams are often tasked with a Herculean feat — meeting their quotas while navigating a labyrinth of challenges.

And startups often struggle with a lack of established brand recognition due to intense competition in the tech sector and the dynamic nature of the market.

Both of these issues can be solved, at least in part, with great writing: messaging, copy, and content assets.

Even in a TikTok world, effective writing helps you establish a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from your biggest competitors. The right words will connect with your prospects on a human level, which builds trust and helps turn people from browsers into buyers — and then into loyal fans.

By getting clear on your messaging, developing copy that helps leads move forward in their journey, and consistently delivering customer-centric content, you accomplish three things:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of your audience’s needs
  • Clearly communicate the value of your solution
  • And genuinely help your customers (instead of just cornering them)

A 3-step framework for creating powerful content

Here at Horizon Peak Consulting, I’ve developed a 3-pronged approach that startups can use to create copy and content that empowers sales teams:

  1. Connection: We are hardwired to connect emotionally, and feelings often drive our decisions — including purchasing choices. When you’re reviewing your sales and marketing content, evaluate its emotional quotient. Does it speak to your audience on a personal level, and acknowledge their hopes, needs or concerns? When your content resonates emotionally, it can create lasting bonds with your audience.
  2. Awareness: A lack of audience awareness can render your content inauthentic and out of sync with your audience’s expectations. Talk to your customers to gain a deep understanding of your audience, and use your customers’ own language to shape your content and copy.
  3. Narrative: Human beings are hardwired to love stories. Listening to (or reading) stories helps us establish deep connections and make sense of complex information. A content creator or copywriter’s most important job is to tell a compelling story and tie that tale into your brand’s vision and your audience’s aspirations. A well-crafted narrative can elevate writing from purely informational to truly engaging and memorable.

Teach your sales teams to leverage content and copy

But it’s not enough to provide your sales team with high-quality sales enablement content. You also need to teach them to use those assets when they’re in contact with customers. For example, teaching them to include content in their follow-up emails to answer questions the lead asked in a call.

Share with your salespeople the underlying strategy and goals of the writing you’re handing off to them, and its intended audience. The training should also cover how to tailor content and copy to fit various contexts and customize it to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Plan on providing ongoing support to your sales team as they implement your content strategies. Regular check-ins and updates on new assets can help your salespeople continue to get the right content into the hands of leads at just the right time.

Put sales success at your fingertips with connected content and copy

A well-trained sales team equipped with high-value content can supercharge your startup’s ability to attract, engage and retain customers. Written content helps bridge the gap between your solution and your target customers’ needs.

To learn how Horizon Peak Consulting can help you equip your sales team with high-quality content, connect with Jessica Mehring on LinkedIn.