Getting real about white papers on the AI Optimist Podcast

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Jessica Mehring on the ai optimist podcast

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Declan Dunn on the AI Optimist podcast. In addition to talking about generative AI and some of the discoveries I made during my academic studies, we also talked quite a bit about how white papers can help combat the “tsunami of AI content crap” that is floating around on the internet right now.

After all, white papers, when they’re done well, are one of the most human content types out there.

In the end, the white papers piece didn’t fit into the podcast episode — but Declan was kind enough to make that conversation into a separate video.

Listen in to our conversation to find out how to write a top-quality white paper, and how to make it stand out from other content competitors (hint: It all comes down to storytelling!).

YouTube video